Re-Set, Re-Claim & Re-Energize Your Body
Let's Redefine Cleansing
For years cleansing has been painful, difficult and something that no one looks forward to doing.  The challenge has been that everyone wants to feel clean and energetic, but no one wants it to be hard.  The truth is I have felt the same way as you.  Then, I figured out how to help hundreds of women cleanse their bodies without only drinking juices all day, eating terrible foods or feeling deprived.
Why Should I Cleanse?
  •  Environmental Toxins In The Body Slow Down Metabolism
  •  The Body Creates Fat Cells To Store Excess Toxic Load
  •  Boost Energy Levels 
  •  Support and Preserve Health
  •  Give The Body A Digestive Break From Processed Foods
  •  Provide The Nutrients The Body May Be Missing
I Really Enjoyed Doing This...
"By paying more attention to what I was putting IN my body, I felt more love and acceptance FOR my body. Cutting out certain foods dramatically affected my energy level and mood. I certainly felt like I was vibrating at a higher frequency and sharing that high frequency with others. My relationship has improved since going on cleansing and I actually attracted more opportunities into my life. I also realized what my body actually wants versus what I think it wants to "fit in" to social circumstances. The concepts around perfection and self-sabotage really resonated with me and opened my eyes to some habits I wasn't consciously aware of before. Also, I thought that close friends, family, and my fiance might be weirded out by my different food choices especially going out to eat, but every single one of them was supportive and happy for me throughout the process. Hopefully, I inspired a few of them to do it on their own in the near future. 

- Arielle Dudley
Stop Whatever You're Doing...
This experience changed my life for the better. My experience was AMAZING. This is not about following a meal plan and being sent on my way. It was like having my own personal cheerleader! I wanted to cleanse to have more energy throughout the day, and if I lost weight in the process then I saw that as a bonus. Well, I've shed 15lbs and I no longer need or miss drinking coffee every day. I'm buying new clothes because my old ones don't fit me anymore. My skin looks better. My hair is growing faster. I feel fantastic! The Frequency Cleanse has forever changed my relationship with food. This makes eating clean and healthy easy. This takes the complexity of dieting and turns it on its head making it so simple.  Do yourself a favor and do The Frequency Cleanse. You won't regret it.

- Regina Gomez
I Have Tried It All and Starting Is The Easy Part
Seeing It Through Can Be Tough....
Do You...
  •  Try To Eat Healthy And Never Follow Through To See Results?
  •  Get Amazing Results And Struggle To Maintain Them Long-Term?
  •  Gain And Lose Weight Throughout The Year?
  •  Drink Caffeine To Get Energy To Do It All?
  •  Crave Sugar And Carbs Often? 
  •  Want To Eat Clean, But It Seems Hard With Your Lifestyle and Schedule?
I don't just talk about food.  Let's face it, there is so much more to it than what you eat.
The focus is on understanding why being committed can be tough and how to stop self-sabotage. 
Living a powerful life means nothing stands in your way...well at least not for long.
The Frequency Cleanse Includes...
Four modules that transform the way you eat, think and take action in life.  Living healthy becomes natural and great choices become a way of life.
Making healthy fast and simple. Gently cleanse while eating food that tastes so good you will forget you're cleansing.   Spend less time in the kitchen.
The workbook that outshines others.  Helpful tips that really work.  Pages of inspirational thoughts, questions that spark growth and more surprises.
Connect with other like-minded women in the private Facebook group.  Experiencing change creates lasting bonds and keeps you motivated.
Meal Planning
You do all of the choosing.  You eat what you want when you want.  Simple 1-2-3 Meal Planning shows you how to select body supporting foods you love.
Release Limitations
What we can't see holds us back.  Lasting change happens when we release what no longer serves our life and move forward powerfully.
Life Just Keeps Getting Better...
Throughout my life I have been on many diets or eating programs. I felt like I had tried it all. I am a former figure competitor, I have owned a juice bar and I currently own a yoga studio. I have even studied nutrition. I believed there was nothing I had not learned and yet, I did not have the results I wanted. After the cleanse, I wanted to continue so I worked privately with Shana.  Since starting, I have released 25 pounds, kept it off for over a year.  I get so many compliments on my skin that is glowing and I have more energy than I have probably ever had. I have learned how to take care of myself in a way that is so easy to do. It has now become a lifestyle for me and so many of my friends have now worked with Shana too. It makes it so easy because we all support each other in living healthy lives. Life just keeps getting better. At an age when most people start feeling worse, I am feeling better everyday. After a lifetime of ups and downs with weight, I have finally found balance with Shana and I am so thankful.

- Jessilynn Gilbank
I Thought I Was Eating Healthy...
Including the two cleanse prep weeks that I did I lost 12 pounds!!! I feel AMAZING and I am so excited to continue on this journey. Cleansing was amazing and this program is so awesome. The information that I learned I will take with me for the rest of my life.  It is absolutely priceless. I thought that I was eating healthy before, and I was (for the most part) minus all the SUGAR in everything that I was just not paying attention to. I am so shocked with how much better I feel cutting out sugar. It was really awesome to be doing this along side other woman as well and hearing them share their stories and knowing that you're not alone with some of the things you struggle with. I can't thank you enough for everything, you ROCK!!! You are truly a gift to this world.

- Ashley Plummer
I Love Presents
So, I have a few for you 
for becoming part of the tribe...
  •  The Frequency Cleanse Journal 
  •               A safe place to record your experience with guided questions to get you thinking, inspiration to keep you going, and a way to look back on how much you have grown.
  •  The Miracle Mindset Meditation MP3
  •              Your lifeline to relaxation and manifestation.  A powerful recording to transform your mindset and help you achieve your intentions quickly.
The Frequency Cleanse
Is Only One Payment Of $197
And Includes...
  •  Four Training Modules To Transform Your Body 
  •  Tasty Recipes That Are Quick And Easy 
  •  Powerful Workbook With Tips, Ideas, and Methods That Work
  •  Incredible Facebook Community To Support and Share With You
  •  Simple 1-2-3 Meal Planning To Show You How To Combine The Foods That You Love
  •  Guidance On Releasing Limitations and Stopping Self-Sabotage
  •  GIFT:  The Frequency Cleanse Daily Journal
  •  GIFT:  The Miracle Mindset Meditation MP3
More Energy & Better Health
Are Waiting For You...

Reset, Reclaim & Reenergize Your Body
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